Frank Brunzel

Frank Brunzel

Senior Consultant, Switzerland (Basel)

I have been working for HGP since the company was founded in 2008, and I still very much enjoy working with this company. HGP has developed a good team spirit in a challenging environment where many consultants are involved in wide-ranging projects and deal with the most diverse customers from around the world. Knowledge sharing and building are important factors in the company culture and are actively fostered by the management. This enables us to develop state of the art solutions and drive innovation.

We are also encouraged to develop our own business ideas – HGP offered me the opportunity to follow up on their new strategic service offers. This brings variety into my work and challenges me.

Nevertheless, I am able to maintain a good work-life balance. I have not seen many companies that respond so flexibly to their employees’ requirements.

This is why I never saw HGP just as a means of kick-starting my career, but have always been interested in a long-term, sustainable working relationship.