Social Commitment

Since 2014 we have been supporting the Rwanda Orphans Project, an organisation that cares for children without parents. After the death of their parents, they are accompanied through childhood and become prepared to lead an independent life as adults.

The children receive appropriate accommodations along with their remaining relatives, go to school and then receive an education in working with the organisation or at a university, according to their skills and desires.

Students in Rwanda

Why a project in Africa?

As a global company we are sensitive to the correlation of activities all around the world – be it in the financial sector, in globally active firms or in the economy.

Even misery is globalised these days: Everybody knows the pictures of refugee boats on the Italian coast, of barbed wire fences intended to protect Europe from people who have risked their lives to turn to us, only to remain just as hopeless here as in their homelands. And suddenly Africa is also our concern.

We have thus decided to support a global project that assists people in building a life in their homeland on their terms, and to work for the development of their country.

A key factor: Education

This is why we are assisting Theodomile Nshimiyumuremyi, student of agricultural economics at the University of Rwanda. His parents both died of AIDS, and he lives with two siblings.

With our contribution his university fees, books and learning aids, health insurance, social care, food and clothing will be financed. This allows him to concentrate on his studies without fearing for the essentials.

A sustainable project in every aspect

Our dedication is not a one-time donation, but rather we will accompany Theodomile until his studies are complete. Until he can stand on his own two feet he will be supplied with materials and have contacts in the Rwanda Orphans Project who are there for him in case of problems.

A small building block that grows with a generation of well-educated, capable people who make their country livable and safe.

In addition, sustainability means that the total donated amount will be sensibly utilised. We would not like to fund costly advertising or image campaigns. At this relatively small organisation it can simply be understood that the funds flow to where they are truly needed: 10% goes toward project infrastructure (social workers, transportation, etc.), 90% benefits the sponsored schools. More information about the project can be found at

On this page we will keep you updated on Theodomile’s development.


This is Theodomile (to the far right) with his fellow students. He began his studies in October of 2013 and has in the meantime reached his  third year with good grades.