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Social Commitment

Since 2014 we have been supporting the Rwanda Orphans Project, an organisation that cares for children without parents. After the death of their parents, they are accompanied through childhood and become prepared to lead an independent life as adults.

The children receive appropriate accommodations along with their remaining relatives, go to school and then receive an education in working with the organisation or at a university, according to their skills and desires.

We are proud to present our graduate Theodomir Nshimyumuremyi

Since 2014 we have been sponsoring Theodomir Nshimiyumuremyi, student of Agricultural Machinery at the University of Rwanda. His parents both died of AIDS. With our contribution his university fees and cost of living was financed. This allowed him to concentrate on his studies without fearing for the essentials.

Towards the end of 2017 he graduated from University! A great step ahead, but the moment of truth came when he searched for work. In his area of expertise Agricultural Machinery there was a lack of opportunities. He thought about pig farming, but the investment was too much and the risk very high.

First Step into a Career

An additional sum of money helped him set up a small business as an agent for Equity Bank. In a small shop he sells utilities, stores and gives money for Equity Bank and runs an internet café. He is very happy with his situation with rent paid for a couple of months, lap-top and printer, table and chair.

We are happy and proud that we could make a small contribution to Theodomir’s future and happiness.

We wish him GOOD LUCK and all the best for a successful business and a good life.

On this page we will keep you updated on Theodomire’s development.


Why are we sponsoring Rwanda Orphans Project? We place great emphasis on sustainability, which means for us that the total donated amount will be sensibly utilised. We would not like to fund costly advertising or image campaigns. At this relatively small organisation it can simply be understood that the funds flow to where they are truly needed: 10% goes toward project infrastructure (social workers, transportation, etc.), 90% benefits the sponsored schools.