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LEAN Manufacturing

LEAN Manufacturing

The challenge

A frequent problem in production processes, particularly, if they have existed for some time is ageing production, i.e. the processes are gaining “weight”. Process steps, where you no longer know why such steps are carried out, or if they are required at all, and that make the processes slower, more cumbersome and less efficient. Longer turnaround times, greater use of resources: people, machines, materials, and ultimately, money are the result. The reason behind this is poorly documented processes that are difficult to unravel subsequently and can be reduced to what is essential.

The solution

The Lean programme: Slimming diet for your processes. A metaprocess “continuous improvement” integrated into the processes ensures that they will never again “gain weight”.

This is what you can achieve:

  • Shorter turnaround times – for the long term! 
Being able to push through a prioritised project in record time will only bring short-term benefits. It will bring momentary relief at the front, though will create new problems for others. The lean programme ensures sustainability, as shorter throughput times are achieved regularly and are not just a one-off.
  • Higher OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) through better utilisation of resources
  • Improvement in production control
  • Inventory reduction

Weak-point Analysis – Process Optimization – Continuous Improvement

We will optimise production planning, material routes, production logistics and plan the best possible use and maintenance of machines. At the start there is the Reality Check, the basic analysis that identifies weaknesses. We will develop the documented processes you have in mind together with you. What is necessary? What is unnecessary? We start the process re-eingineering on this basis. During this process we consider automation while implementing continuous improvement. The steps of the last stage, implementation and introduction, coaching and training will be supported expertly and sensitively by us.

Pharma processes are different

You will benefit from our pharmaceutical know-how at every phase of the project; a fact that should not be underestimated. We know which process steps may not be reduced due to biological and regulatory factors. And you will learn from the experience of others. We know the stumbling blocks from countless cases in practice and will help you to clear them out of the way before they cause a problem.