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Interim Management

Interim Management

Qualified managers on a temporary basis

Gaps in the management

There are always absences in key management areas. Resignations, long-term illness-related absences and lack of capacity within the company often all lead to situations in which a manager is required. A suitable candidate cannot always be found immediately.

Leaving important divisions without competent leadership for prolonged periods means the company is exposed to a risk that can lead to business failures.

Temporary managers represent the best possible interim solution until the right employee has been found for the job or a short-term project has been completed.

Suitable experts on a temporary basis

Our experienced managers take over the management of vacant divisions or individual projects and pursue them in line with the strategic objectives for as long as needed.

We can make available a suitable project manager, even for open-ended projects where no headcount is provided for workload reasons.

And this at precisely the degree of capacity utilisation you need.

Basic requirement: competence

Professional as well as personal suitability are crucial for a temporary manager. Our experts are well versed professionals and have many years of experience in management positions at various companies. Responsible action and strong decision-making skills are part of their craft, as are good team communication and management skills.

This is what we can do for you:

1. Interim management for a limited period

  • Technical director
  • Plant manager
  • Head of manufacturing and/or packaging
  • Qualified person
  • Quality assurance

2. Project Management

  • Taking over project management and/or workflow management within projects in the field of production/quality