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Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Expertise in pharmaceutical processes

Due Diligence investors need expertise to be successful.

But nowadays, no one can be an expert in all areas. There are far too many highly-specialised fields with increasing complexity. There is not usually the time to selectively acquire the necessary knowledge for a project.

The solution: Industry experts give investors the necessary insights into a specialist field, so that they are able to take the correct action and make the right decisions within a short time.

Experts for pharmaceutical processes

We know the production side of the healthcare industry inside out.

A high level of expertise and experience is an absolute prerequisite for the service we provide. Our employees acquired many years of experience in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry, in medical technology, process technology and software (ERP, MES) before switching to the consultation side of things.

Today, we are recognised experts in compliance, profitability, quality management, optimisation of production processes in line with lean manufacturing.

This is why we are in demand when it comes to the assessment of sites and/or organisations in the pharmaceutical industry.

We can provide support in the following fields:

Market and product analysis

  • Modified Release Formulations
  • Transdermal Therapeutic Systems & Thin Films
  • Generic Formulations
  • License Management
  • API Sourcing
  • CMOs and CDMOs


  • Finished Dosage Form Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • API Manufacturing


  • GMP Risk Analysis (für alle Bereiche)
  • CSV Risk Analysis

Technical Due Diligence

  • Site analyses
  • Analysis of production processes
  • Assessment of systems and machinery
  • IT and automation (incl. MES, LIMS, etc.)