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Pharma 4.0

Without MES and paperless production the complexity of today’s pharmaceutical production can only be managed with significant expenditure and personnel costs.

Serialization will touch every part of your IT infrastructure, from packaging through to data exchange with CMOs. We will accompany you through the entire lifecycle right up to the support during operations.

The Lean programme: Slimming diet for your processes. A metaprocess “continuous improvement” integrated into the processes ensures that they will never again “gain weight”.

Cloud computing makes it possible: wherever you are you can access data and work with them.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Data integrity must be firmly anchored in the culture of a company. It should be communicated and experienced across departments and hierarchies.

Information risk management is an important strategic element for safeguarding the reliable support of business processes in several respects.

Ready for Data Privacy Regulations?  The clock is ticking: In May 2018, the GDPR will enter into force.

All information in the healthcare sector from drug development, production and logistics through to patient data is processed by IT systems.

Validation of computerised systems according to GxP Guidelines (CSV) has been a basic requirement in the healthcare industry for many years. Our consultancy package includes audits, CSV strategy and implementation.

Global changes and increasing competitive pressure mean that the GMP and quality assurance structure constantly have to be adapted to current needs.

Is your organisation audit-ready? Audits interfere with the routine. The prospect of not passing an audit or an inspection is a disaster scenario for most companies.

Management Consulting

There are always absences in key management areas. Resignations, long-term illness-related absences and lack of capacity within the company often all lead to situations in which a manager is required.

Due Diligence investors need expertise to be successful. But nowadays, no one can be an expert in all areas. There are far too many highly-specialised fields with increasing complexity.

You get complete computer system validation from a single source, embedded in your organization. HGP will handle all the work involved in this area together with a team of pharma-experienced CSV specialists


Employees for the Healthcare Industry. As management consultants in the healthcare sector, we know first-hand how long the search for experts can take when you set certain requirements.