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13 Pharma Companies discussing Data Integrity

Few events unite so many Data Integrity experts from different pharma companies: 21 industry professionals from 13 companies came together last Friday in Basel to talk about Data Integrity in Pharma. Our 2nd Roundtable was dedicated to specific, mainly operative issues around this topic.

Very obviously the right approach, because it triggered lively discussions about the most efficient way to implement a Data Integrity concept, the practical implementation of corporate guidelines, the cost of Data Integrity non-compliance, and many more. A very future-oriented solution for Data Integrity in the QC lab was presented by one of the participants – they are using blockchain technology!

All in all, it was again a very successful day and the perfect format for the exchange of ideas: few keynote presentations, much room for discussions and questions. Thanks to the good moderation by Stefan Wurzer, Data Integrity Lead from Hoffman La Roche and Thomas Halfmann from HGP all important topics could be treated with sufficient time. Of course new topics and questions came up during the discussions, so that it became absolutely clear that there will be more Data Integrity Roundtables.

We are planning our 3rd Data Integrity Roundtable for the beginning of December 2018 in Basel.

If you are a pharma industry professional dealing with data integrity and feel appealed, please send an email to We will be happy to keep you updated about the next event.





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  1. Kas Thomas on 29. June 2018 at 11:30

    Great initiative! I wish I have participated.

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