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ENHANCE Terms & Conditions

  • Requesting party shall allow at least four weeks for the availability of the appropriate consultant to support their ENHANCE program.
  • Requesting party scope shall be limited to one topic and what can be reasonably achieved within the 3-5 day time frame (including reporting).
  • Requesting party shall support HGP to the extent required to execute the project, in particular, provide all required information.
  • Both requesting party and HGP shall nominate a contact person. Both contact persons shall have the authority to make the necessary decisions or shall obtain authorization for them in a timely manner.
  • Requesting party (by group or organization) are allowed only one ENHANCE Program.
  • If the Requesting Party requires additional tasks, which have not been defined as part of the ENHANCE Program, HGP may issue a quotation/invoice for paid services.
  • It is self-evident that HGP and all personnel working for HGP treat all requesting party information and project-specific documents confidential.
  • ENHANCE Program shall be executed at the requesting party’s location. Requesting party shall provide HGP will adequate working conditions.
  • Costs of travel, accommodation, transportation and meal allowances shall be borne by the client (these shall be based on HGP business standards).
  • HGP reserves the right to decline service.
  • HGP shall not be held liable for any losses, injury or harm to persons or property resulting from the Requesting Party executing recommendations arising from the ENHANCE Program.
  • HGP may include the name of the customer and a brief description of the rendered ENHANCE Program in a reference list. The latter and all other advertising references shall be agreed on in advance with the requesting party.