Kalbio Global Medika – Trailblazing a new chapter in Biologics

by Ming Chua, Partner HGP Asia


A big congratulations to the Class of 2016-2017 of Kalbio Global Medika’s Biomanufacturing Training Program that graduated on 12 Oct 2017!

From Oct 2016 to 2017, this class of 31 young men and women from all walks of life came together to learn about upstream, downstream processing and quality management at the Indonesia International Institute of Life Sciences (i3L). i3L arranged for HGP to teach the quality management modules while GE Healthcare and Sartorius Stedim taught the upstream and downstream processing modules. The course took the trainees from the classroom to the shop-floor, learning about the theory and science and experiencing the practical applications. After completing the course, they were assigned to work in different departments in Kalbio.

As they embark on their new careers at Kalbio’s new state of the art Biologics Manufacturing plant in CIkarang, Indonesia and join a team of professionals as the standard bearers of the Indonesia’s nascent biopharmaceutical industry, I can’t help but feel what an exciting time it is for the industry in Asia.

Investment into Human Capital is probably the single most important endeavor any country or company must embark on as it prepares this generation and the next for the challenges of a globalized world. Incredible amounts of resources have been poured into the biologics sector over the past decade and there is increasing demand for qualified professionals in the industry.

Kalbio’s investment into these talented young professionals is probably the most invaluable of all! The education and experience they are gaining now will be the passport for them into exciting new possibilities in the future. Some of them will become pillars of the industry in Indonesia, while others might find themselves in some far flung exotic location from home. Whatever and wherever their careers take them, I pray and hope that they take advantage of all the opportunities that come their way, be bold to shape the industry in a way that benefits yourselves and those who will come after you, don’t lose the joy and passion and most of all – simply enjoy the ride.

For me, to be this small part in starting off their journey has been both a privilege and an honor!

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